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Opening the Long Dai bridge, breaking the way back to the banks of the Tac River

Approved for 20 years, 6 years of construction, Long Dai Bridge (Thu Duc City) has been opened to traffic. The path of the people of Long Binh two wards to Long Phuoc was shortened from 10km to 500m.

On the morning of 16/12, Thu Duc City People's Committee (HCMC) HCMC) held the inauguration ceremony of Long Dai Bridge over the Tac River, connecting Long Binh and Phuoc Long wards.

The project was started in March 2017, until 2019 suspended construction due to site clearance problems. By the end of 2022, the work restarted and has so far been completed and put into traffic.

Cầu Long Đại phá thế cách trở đôi bờ sông Tắc ở TP.HCM đã thông xe - Ảnh 1.

Long Dai Bridge crosses the Tac River, breaking the way back to Long Binh and Long Phuoc wards. Photo: Truong Duy

At the ceremony, Chairman of Thu Duc City People's Committee Hoang Tung assessed that the project not only connects traffic smoothly between 2 Long Phuoc and Long Binh wards, but also completes the regional traffic system. When completed, the bridge also meets the travel needs of people, promotes urban development, creates a driving force for the development of traffic at the eastern gateway of Thu Duc City.

"Long Dai Bridge not only connects the 2 banks of the Tac River but also is a solid link, connecting the enthusiasm and efforts of all of us", Mr. Tung shared.

Cầu Long Đại phá thế cách trở đôi bờ sông Tắc ở TP.HCM đã thông xe - Ảnh 2.

Long Dai Bridge was inaugurated on the morning of 16/12. Photo: Truong Duy

Long Dai Bridge (formerly known as Phuoc Thien Bridge). The bridge has a total length of about 765m across the Tac River, a tributary of the Dong Nai River, connecting Long Binh ward with Long Phuoc ward of Thu Duc city. The project was approved in October 2015, the total initial investment capital is more than 350 billion VND from the city budget.

In March 2017, the project was started and is expected to be completed after 2 years of construction. However, at the end of 2018, when the progress reached more than 50%, the project was halted, due to ground problems. At the end of 2022, the project has been completed the work of compensation, resettlement support, the site was handed over to the investor to continue construction and completion.

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