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Shop drawing services involve the process of creating detailed and accurate technical drawings from initial designs to support the construction process of building projects. Some key points in our service include:

  1. Detailed drawing creation: Shop drawing is the process of creating detailed and accurate drawings of various parts of the construction, including architecture, structure, and other disciplines.

  2. Conversion from initial design: Based on the initial design drawings, shop drawing services convert and update information to create detailed drawings that reflect the specific requirements of the project and real-world conditions.

  3. Ensuring compliance with standards and regulations: Shop drawing drawings must comply with technical standards and regulations in the construction industry, including regulations on technical, safety, and environmental aspects.

  4. Editing and adjustments: Shop drawings are often created as initial drafts, which are then edited and adjusted to ensure accuracy and compliance with the specific requirements of the project.

  5. Serving the construction process: Shop drawing drawings provide detailed and accurate information to support the construction and installation process of construction contractors.

  6. Linking between components: Shop drawing helps coordinate and link between components of the construction, ensuring efficiency and synchronization in the construction process.

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